Creative SPARC Architects is an architecture and design practice founded as a vehicle to explore exciting, innovative, challenging and sustainable design ideas.

The foundations of the practice are based upon developing a broad and exciting kaleidoscope of both solid and paper architecture. The design and delivery of built projects is interspersed with highly conceptual polemical work; some with socio-political agendas and others just as a bit of fun. Creative SPARC isn’t about taking the world too seriously.

In our built work, we challenge our clients to commission architecture rather than construct buildings and to fully engage with the design process to enable us to deliver unique and exciting solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. We promote and embrace sustainable design solutions as a core principle of every project.

By combining and overlapping both real and hypothetical work, we encourage each to inform the other. This lateral approach creates unique design possibilities and fosters experimentation. Every project, be it solid or paper, is unique and bespoke. The practice focuses on exploring creative ideas rather than developing an architectural style. This exploration covers all building typologies and scales, and includes experience in residential, commercial, educational, leisure, public realm, and landscape design.

Our design philosophy and working practices are rooted in collaboration and a co-operative mentality. We work closely with a network of like-minded artists, design, and construction professionals; assembling the design team on an individual scheme-by-scheme basis. This approach encourages creativity and allows us to remain flexible, whilst ensuring we develop and deliver, exciting, innovative, and successful projects.

Andy Wolfe  RIBA

Founding Director & RIBA Chartered Architect

Andy is a RIBA Chartered Architect, registered with the ARB and Founding Director of Creative SPARC Architects. He has also previously taught on the BA in Architecture course and is a visiting critic on the Masters in Architecture course at Birmingham City University.

Andy has eleven years architectural experience, working for a Local Authority for the duration of his successful postgraduate studies following the completion of his BA in Architecture degree at Liverpool University in 2004. During his studies he was nominated for and received several academic-based awards including, winner of the RIBA West Midlands Drawing of the Year Award 2009, third place and judges commendation in the Socio Design Foundation International Design Competition 2009, and was short-listed for the 3DReid National Student Prize 2009 sponsored by the Architects Journal.

Following his qualifications and registration as an architect, he continued to work within the Capital Projects team of Blackpool Council as an architect. In this role he led the design and delivery of the Council's construction projects and was involved with the successful completion of several exciting schemes including the Oracle Youth Centre and Waterloo Early Years Centre.

In December 2012 he left this role to pursue the ambition of establishing his own architecture practice and Creative SPARC Architects was born.