At Creative SPARC Architects we pride ourselves on being a design-focused practice, intent on delivering bespoke architecture for every project. We deliver creative and innovative design solutions considerate of project constraints such as budget, programme, and timescales.

We can guide you through the process of commissioning a construction project and like to be involved with a scheme from its inception right through to practical completion and beyond. Our involvement can vary depending on your circumstances and requirements, but would normally include the preparation of feasibility studies, concept design and design development work and the preparation and submission of drawings and information for statutory obligations such as Planning applications and Building Regulation submissions.


We also enjoy being involved throughout the construction phase of a project. This allows us to have a continued input as the scheme develops and helps to ensure that the completed works meet or exceed our very high design and workmanship standards and delivers you the end product as intended.

As a practice we're also able to offer additional services such as interior design, space planning, 3D visualisation and Principal Designer (CDM 2015) coordination.


As an emerging practice we're passionate about improving the design quality and standard of our buildings and built environment. We believe that central to this goal is developing strong relationships with schools of all age groups, due to their prominent role in our communities and the impact that they have on peoples’ everyday lives.

Academy schools are presented with the exciting opportunity and responsibility of controlling the design and development of their school’s built environment, unrestricted by the governance of the Local Authority. No one understands the needs and aspirations of their school and its community better than its staff and its Governors, so who better to have control over the key decisions regarding its future development?

As architects and designers we have many years experience in educational design, successfully completing numerous projects and gaining great insight into the unique challenges and requirements of creating exciting, modern, educational environments.

Using this insight, in addition to our standard architectural services, we've developed three academy-specific services to help academy schools maintain and develop their school's facilities. These include:

Condition Improvement Fund Bids - We help schools to identify potential condition and expansion projects and prepare all of the necessary accompanying information to submit with the CIF bids at

no cost to the school.

Academy Development Masterplans - This service is designed to help schools identify their future development goals and identify potential construction projects. We then use this information to develop a phased development masterplan to try to make these goals a reality. We also explore and monitor funding streams on the school's behalf to aid in the often difficult task of securing funding.

Project Feasibility Studies & Concept Designs - Its often necessary to prepare feasibility studies and concept designs to issue to funding bodies when attempting to secure funding. We recognise that this can be a high-risk and sometimes costly process prior to funding being achieved. To help to minimise this initial financial expenditure we offer to share this risk 50/50 by providing a 50% discount on fees for work undertaken prior to funding being secured on a project. We're confident that working together, we can make the school's goals and our designs a reality.