Existing Property
Proposed View From West Beach
Proposed Front Elevation
Proposed Side Elevation
Proposed Rear Elevation
Proposed View of Side of Property

West Beach Redevelopment


The property, along with its neighbour were originally known as Corby House and are a pair of houses designed to appear as one dwelling. The property is Grade II listed.

Like many of the properties along West Beach, the property has previously been converted into self contained apartments. There are no records of when this work was carried out, however the interior decor and condition of the property would suggest that this was done during the 1980s or 1990s. The basement of the property previously formed part of the ground floor apartment, however it is currently setup as a third apartment with independent access, albeit the works to complete this conversion are currently incomplete.


The current layout of the ground and first floor apartments is a series of small, dark rooms and bears little resemblance to the proportions and grandeur of the original property. The majority of the interior features including the original fireplaces appear to have been stripped out during the conversion into apartments and the interior decor and condition is generally very dated and in a state of disrepair.

Project Type: Commission​​​​


Programme: Residential​​​

Client(s): Mr & Mrs MA Aujla

Size: 425 sqm​

Location: Lytham, Lancashire, UK​

Status: Ongoing

​Year: January 2017

The layout of the three apartments will be reconfigured to open-up the existing small, dark rooms formed when the property was originally converted and to make each a comfortable modern home. Many of the walls to be removed are later additions to the original property, however there are no known records of the property’s original layout.


External access into each apartment will also be modified to make each more accessible than the current arrangements. The original main entrance door and cross gabled porch will be retained and used as the access to the ground floor apartment. A new external entrance, internal staircase and domestic lift will be installed to provide disabled access to the first floor apartment and the existing light well to the front of the property will be increased to allow a new external access staircase to be installed to provide safe access.

The proposals also include the construction of a new two storey double garage building to be used both for car parking provision and as a family study. The design of the new outbuilding is intended to reflect the diversity of outbuildings and garage structures found throughout the town centre.

The design of the garage proposal has a cross gabled roof structure and uses materials and detailing to match the adjacent buildings and main property and to sit well within the context and street scene. This includes the use of reclaimed or approved heritage facing bricks to all elevations, a stone band course, a stone plinth, stone lintels & cills, painted hardwood sash windows to match the main property, painted hardwood doors and a natural slate roof to match the main property. Design features to further improve the building’s appearance and its connection with the context are the use of painted hardwood finials to each gable to match the porch of the main property and a feature round window to the front elevation gable - commonly found on traditional coach houses and included on another garage building on Livesey Street. The use of these high quality materials and design features will vastly improve the street scene of Livesey Street in comparison to the existing poor quality, dilapidated garage structure.