Street Elevation - Before
Lounge - Before
Front Elevation - Before

East Beach Redevelopment


​A completed residential project to refurbish an existing ground floor apartment in a prime central Lytham location with views overlooking the Green and beyond. The original property was a very small one bedroom apartment with a garage and storage at lower ground level. The property required substantial modernisation and the clients were keen to open-up the existing space to create a very contemporary two-storey maisonette.

Limited head height at the lower ground floor level predetermined the need to adjust the existing floor position, creating the opportunity to explore new spatial arrangements within the overall volume. The existing front door access arrangement and outdoor space also needed consideration.

Project Type: Commission​​​​


Programme: Residential​​​

Client(s): Mr & Mrs JG Gallagher​​

Size: 100 sqm​

Location: Lytham, Lancashire, UK​

Status: Complete

​Year: November 2014

The concept designs developed explored a collection of ideas that were combined to form a preferred final design. The primary considerations were to make the spaces flexible, optimise the use of space due to the small footprint and to provide natural light into the lower ground floor areas. Maximising the impact of the unobstructed views from the living spaces was also key.

A full-height, full-width bi-folding picture window has been installed to frame the views overlooking Lytham Green from the living areas. This can be fully opened in good weather to effectively transform the living areas into a semi-external space with an uninterrupted connection to the outside world.

Access to the property is provided via a new side entrance extension which provides sheltered access from the coastal weather into the main living areas. The journey to this access also reveals views across the Green as you rise up the stairs to the property's entrance via another full-height picture window.


The two extensions are deliberately modern due to the lack of original features remaining on the property following previous construction work in the 1980s. The front extension references the design of the original property by using the same proportions as the original bay windows found on the majority of properties on this part of East Beach. The design continues the uniformity of the streetscape but reinterprets the bay window in a contemporary way to create the increased connection with the location that the clients desired. Both extensions have been constructed from Zinc metal and Cedar timber cladding to reflect the coastal location and provide a modern aesthetic, whilst being highly durable due to the property's exposed situation.


The external areas to the front of the property have also been redesigned to create a sunken courtyard in the location of the former garage access ramp. This provides a private external area where the clients can sit out and entertain and also provides an abundance of light and natural ventilation into the lower ground floor areas of the property.