Reinstatement Facility


The intervention will be a series of spaces designed to provide amateur musicians with an environment in which to create, learn, rehearse and record music.

The intervention will be based within Digbeth due to its musical associations within the city. The heart of the intervention will be a core principal structure on a derelict site situated adjacent to the Custard Factory and opposite the current location for the opening ceremony of the ‘Gigbeth’ music festival. This structure would be in constant change as it would act as a ‘depot’ for the collection of music orientated spaces housed within the various containers.

Digbeth is currently in the early stages of regeneration, meaning there are many derelict buildings being demolished and many more due to be demolished in the future. The ‘music container’ elements of the intervention will adopt these ‘non-places’ as a temporary residence, making the sites complete again until it is time for a permanent structure to be built. At this time the container will be either be relocated to another derelict ‘non-place’ or return to the principal ‘depot’ structure and so the cycle will continue.

In addition to the musical orientated spaces within the transportable container elements of the intervention, several touring ‘info boxes’ will be situated within highly visible public areas of the city to raise awareness of both the facility and the festival itself. The containers will have live audio and visual links to the musical spaces within the principal structure to allow the public an insight into the musical creation process.

​​Project Type: Academic


Programme: Cultural

Client(s): N/A

Size: 1000+ sqm

Location: Birmingham, UK

Status: Complete

​Year: June 2008