School Development Masterplan


As part of our academy school specific services, we offer school development masterplans. This service enables schools to identify their goals and ambitions for the their facilities going forwards and also recognise any existing issues or weaknesses that need resolving.

These goals are used to form a masterplan design brief and inform the design process of the new school development masterplan. This design process identifies a list of projects that will enable the school to realise its goals for the future and which can be grouped into phases and prioritised. Budget construction costs can then also be established for each project or phase to allow planning and delivery plans to be put in place to help ensure the plans are achieved.

Project Type: Commission​​​​


Programme: Education

Client(s): Thames Primary Academy

Size: >3000 sqm​

Location: Blackpool, Lancashire, UK​

Status: Complete

​Year: March 2013

In this instance the school's existing buildings are in good condition but are no longer suitable for the delivery of modern primary education. The school's age of over 110 years old means that the majority of classrooms and spaces aren't of a sufficient size to comfortably accommodate the number of students for current teaching practices. There is also a lack of flexibility and break-out spaces throughout the school.

The masterplan aims to resolve these issues by combining and enlarging teaching spaces as well as transforming the junior hall and library/ICT room into an open-plan central break-out hub. New central unisex toilet provisions for both KS1 and KS2 are also proposed to ease access and passive supervision. Direct access between classrooms and external areas is created through the installation of new large glazed sliding doors. The lack of provisions for staff is negated by optimising existing spaces to form a new staff zone comprising staff room, toilets, and learning resource/training area.