Thesis Research


In an increasingly unstable economic, social, and political world no longer will the proletariat accept their customary role of the oppressed. The established mantle of the bourgeoisie is slipping and an increasing comprehension of the potential implications of this shift in power is spreading throughout the urbanized world. In a quasi-Marxist reality, a worker-led revolution is brewing.

The thesis project examines a hypothetical milieu, inspired by the plight of the National Movement of Worker-Reclaimed Factories in Argentina; established in response to the nations bankruptcy.

In an increasingly difficult economic  environment, businesses are failing and unemployment is rife. The propensity towards excess during the economic boom at the turn of the Millennium has weakened many businesses beyond reprieve, and factories and workplaces lie abandoned throughout the United States. Los Angeles is particularly affected, due to its high volume of low-income manufacturing industries - many of which employ high numbers of immigrant and migrant workers. Workers of an abandoned garment factory in the Downtown area of the city assemble and reoccupy the building, establishing a worker-run cooperative in an attempt to restart production and secure their future. A sense of empowerment manifests throughout the local residents and the dream of creating a completely self-sustaining community is born.

​​Project Type: Academic


Programme: Social / Political

Client(s): N/A

Size: N/A​

Location: N/A

Status: Complete

​Year: March 2009